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  • Welcome to the Chungcheong Megacity Bid Committee (CMBC) digital home.
  • The four cities and provinces in Chungcheong (Daejeon, Sejong, Chungbuk, and Chungnam) launched the Chungcheong Megacity Bid Committee for the 2027 Summer WUG to create an inspiring festival where dreams, passion, and friendships of university students all around the glove bloom through sports.
  • Chungcheong is geographically at the center of Korea, and the people of Chungcheong have shown great potential at its center. The united heart of Chungcheong has been the source of strength to overcome national crises, and its warm heart has embraced all people. Currently, Chungcheong is leading the development of Korea with the grand plan smoothly being implemented: Daejeon has become the R&D center of science and technology. Sejong functions well as a new administrative capital, Chungbuk is the center of the high-tech industries, and Chungnam, the transport and logistics hub of the country.
  • Now, 5.6 million Chungcheong people are united as one to host the 2027 Summer WUG. The Chungcheong 2027 WUG will be the first sports event hosted through solidarity and cooperation between local governments. It will be a low-cost, high-efficiency WUG that incorporates cutting-edge IT technologies and shares well-developed infrastructure in four cities and provinces in Chungcheong, including up-to-date competition venues. In particular, the desire of Chungcheong people, eager to host the 2027 WUG, will serve as big momentum to bring it to another level. The warm hospitality will bring peace and hope to the hearts of the athletes and people who participate in the tournament.
  • Dear University students from all over the world and the FISU family!
    Chungcheong will do its best to prepare the 2027 Chungcheong Summer World University Games to be a successful event where young people from all over the world can share the value of sports.
  • We ask for your strong support for Chungcheong and look forward to welcoming you all to Chungcheong in 2027.
  • Thank you!
Co-chairman Lee Jang-woo, Choi Min-ho, Kim Young-hwan, Kim Tae-heum


Creative and Innovative Challenge to the N.E.X.T.


With U, with heart


Step, Jump, Leap

  • Dates

    2027. 8. (12 Days)

  • Location

    Chungcheong Megacity

  • Sports

    18 Sports
    (15 Compulsory,
    3 Optional)

  • Participation

    Over 150 contries,
    15,000 athletes

The four cities and provinces of the Chungcheong region have sports infrastructure with regional characteristics, which gave them a decisive advantage in hosting the 2027 Summer World University Games in Chungcheong.

dotDaejeon is home to the Daedeok Science Town, which supports advanced sports science, including the Daejeon World Cup Stadium and Daejeon Youngun International Swimming Pool, which meet international competition standards and specifications.

dotSejong is currently building the Sejong Stadium, which has sufficient conditions to host key events such as the closing ceremony of the 2027 Chungcheong Summer WUG.

dotChungbuk has the Jincheon National Training Center of the Korean Sport and Olympic Committee, the birthplace of elite sports, and the Chungju Tangeum Lake International Rowing Regatta, where the World Rowing Championships are held.

dotIn Chungnam, the Cheonan Football Center, the largest of its kind in Korea, is under construction, and it is also home to the Boryeong Yachting Regatta Course that utilizes the natural environment.